The barriers of knowledge were overturned by the information society. Professionals of this world are no longer limited by geopolitical boundaries. The involvement and exchange with knowledge centers around the world creates opportunity in an increasingly competitive market.

In this context, the Beyond Institute surfaces. Beyond is a non-profit entity which aims to facilitate the construction of knowledge bridges. Focusing on the Law, Economics and Sustainability fields, the Institute works as an umbrella institution for comparative studies initiatives in these fields. Through capacitation and research, Beyond facilitates exchanges of knowledge and culture. It keeps consolidated partnerships with distinguished research centers worldwide. Among its activities, Beyond promotes and disseminates courses, seminars and applied studies from the partnerships build over the years and which are in continuing construction as part of its institutional mission.

The Beyond Institute was also thought as a platform for the scholars, researchers, and professionals of Law, Economics, and Sustainability fields to actively participate and collaborate with the construction of knowledge together with the main research centers in the world. The consolidation of the Institute will provide several opportunities of association and participation. To keep informed of Beyond InstituteĀ“s updates, sign up on our website.